Where exactly is the retreat?

The Magic Jungle Experience is held at Holistika, a retreat center in Tulum. It is a short car ride away from Tulum’s beach area and even closer to Tulum’s downtown and right across the road from TikiTiki Hotel.

Avenida Tulum 83

Tulum, Quintana Roo

Mexico. 77780

How do I get to Tulum?

Book a flight to Cancun!

Tulum is located at 81 miles (130 km) south from Cancun. It will take you about 1h 50 minutes by bus, or even less if you decide to go by car.

There are plenty of shuttles and taxis leaving to and from Tulum everyday and you are free to rent a car if you are the adventurous type. It all depends on your budget and what’s important to you.

The cheapest way to get to Tulum from the Cancun International Airport is by bus. Scheduled times for buses are:

10:45 am

12:25 pm

4:15 pm

9:30 pm

Bus tickets are $228 pesos, which is about $13 USD. They are extremely safe and if you miss a direct bus to Tulum you can always catch one that stops in Playa del Carmen and from there they leave for Tulum every half hour.

Once you are booked for the retreat, we will share arrival and departure times with the rest of the group in case you want to team up with a travel buddy and you can even share a ride to and from the airport, immediate bonding!

How do I get back to the Cancun airport from Tulum?

There are also shuttles, taxis and busses available to get back from Tulum to the Cancun International Airport.

Scheduled morning ADO bus times leaving from Tulum are:

7:10 am

9:00 am

10:50 am

It will take you around 1h 50 minutes to get back, so plan accordingly.

If for some reason you miss the bus, don't worry! There are plenty of shuttles and taxis available on demand.

Check out is before noon. We will be offering one last breakfast together at the retreat center.

What to bring? 

  • Comfy clothes 

  • Swimming suit, optional. (Holistika has a pool and there are tons of beachfront areas in Tulum where you can enjoy the beautiful Caribbean sea.)

  • Toiletries 

  • Items for the altar (Magic Jungle Experience)

  • Favorite notebook

  • Art supplies you want to work with



What are the rooms like?

Our rooms at Holistika Tulum are called “Beehives”.

The concept of community was the inspiration behind these 12 people dorm rooms. The rooms are designed for the group to sleep in the same area, without being cramped. Everyone has their own private pod, a locker to keep their belongings in, and very comfortable beds.

Each beehive has 4 showers and 4 toilets with complete privacy. 

If you want to add on a private room to your retreat package, please sign up for the retreat, fill out registration form and then book a private room at HOLISTIKA Please email us if you decide to book a private room for yourself so we have this information in our registration pages.

Beehive dorms

Beehive dorms

What will the food be like?

Holistika is centered around a healthy lifestyle. Meals are vegetarian, eggs and dairy will be available as well. Vegan and gluten free options are very doable.

Think fresh fruit and veggies, chia pudding bowls, breakfast chilaquiles, veggie taco night with fresh guac and pico de gallo. All meals include real juice and aguas frescas with optional natural sweeteners.




How to I get to the retreat center? 

Holistika is well known in Tulum, your taxi or shuttle will drop you off. Here is the exact location

Once you have arrived you will be welcomed at the reception area.


What language will activities be in?

Activities will be in english.

Ana and Margarita are also fluent in spanish and Nadia in french, so if any of these are your native languages, feel free to express yourself in one on one sessions :) 


What will the weather be like?

Tulum is warm all year long! Luckily it will be a bit cooler during the fall. You will do just fine with a light sweater in case it gets chilly at night. 


Can I take my own car or rent a car?

Yes, you are free to bring your own car. There is plenty of free parking space at the retreat center. 


What time is check in / check out? 

Check in time is suggested to be during the early afternoon on arrival day. There will be a welcome dinner at 7pm followed by an introduction ceremony, so be sure to get in early enough! 4 or 5 pm is a great time to check in so you have time to settle in and get to know the jungle. One of our staffers will give you a tour so you can begin to discover your surroundings in this magical place.

Check out will be on departure day before noon. There will be a farewell breakfast of course!

If you decide to stay longer in Tulum, you can book a private room at Holistika or check out a beachfront hotel, there are plenty of amazing spots to discover in town.


Will we have free time in Tulum?

YES! Tulum is a gorgeous modern beach town you will LOVE. 

Designated times are scheduled for Tulum outings and excursions, you will receive a program sheet upon arrival. Taxis are available at any time (downloading whatsapp on your phone is a good idea! You can text the taxi service and they will show up asap) at a reasonable low cost. Taxis are between $8 and $20 usd depending on how far you want to go into town. Bike rentals are also available for about $5 a day and super fun!

What is the currency in Tulum?


Lots of places accept dollars and credit cards, but it’s nice to have local cash on you. You can exchange money at the airport. The current exchange rate is about $18.50 pesos to $1 dollar.

Can I arrive before and stay after the retreat dates?

Yes! You can enjoy extra time in Tulum. 

Hotel arrangements for extra time are on you. The retreat center is only booked for the days from August 9-13 and October 23-28. If you decide to extend your stay, you can book a private room at Holistika or check out a beachfront hotel, there are plenty of amazing spots to discover in town.  

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds for this event if participant cancels. Please make sure you are committed to this experience before you sign up, lots of preparation and details are planned in advance so cancellation is not an option.

If for some reason, you can not make it at the last moment, you may have the option to transfer your space to a friend.

What if I get in an accident, hurt myself, or get sick?

We are all here to support you and will do whatever we can to help you. However, having travel insurance is your responsibility and we cannot cover any medical costs. If your regular medical insurance does not cover you abroad we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance when you book your airline ticket.

I have more questions! Who can I contact?

Send us an email at hello@enterthemagicjungle.com 

Ana, Nadia or Margarita will do their best to answer any of your questions.