AUGUST 9-13, 2018


The Magic Jungle Inspiration is a 4 day creative immersion in mystical Tulum, devoted to you and your creative projects away from daily stress and monotony.

The main purposes of this retreat are: To find and explore your creative mission. Replace competition between creatives with collaboration, support and community. Create solid foundations for future dreams.

Using your hands and mind in an artistic way in combination with visualization and introspection exercises breaks down mental blocks and opens your mind to allow new ideas to flourish.

Think of it as a self-assigned artist residency with other creatives in a magical place on our planet. No daily distractions. Surrounded by plenty of other creative people to inspire you. Supported by the staff to make sure you don’t get stuck.


This retreat is for anyone who wants to focus on creative projects in an inspiring environment, fueled by the energy of other creatives set out to do the same. Maybe you have an idea you’re stuck on and need help working through it, or maybe it’s time for a totally new idea that’s waiting to be born, maybe you know exactly what to do but you need time off to focus on it.

Ideas jump around from person to person until they find someone that will actually give them the energy needed to come to life.

Women, men and everyone in between come together and learn from one another, all while making their next creation in a natural and mystical environment. Individuals, couples, groups of friends and co-workers are all welcome.  

This means writers, artists, fashion designers, dancers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, painters, muralists, graphic designers, healers, intuitives, podcasters and more are encouraged to register.


  • Community: serendipitous connections with other artists and creatives.

  • Dedicated time and exercises for introspection focused on your creative life.

  • Clarity on your creative mission.

  • Advancing your project.

  • A complete change of energy and scenery from daily life.

  • An open mind for new ideas to flourish.

  • Unexpected realizations.

  • Networking with other artists from around the world.

I came to this retreat worried that I wouldn’t fit in or that I’d discover that in reality I was a “fake artist”. Writing that now after the retreat seems like such a ridiculously silly fear.
— Danny, San Diego
We all have a small voice inside our hearts that we don’t listen to all the time because of the noise in our day-to- day. This experience made that voice stronger and gave it courage
— Irene, San Francisco

Inspiration Program


Inspiration Program


Here is a detailed schedule of what we have in store for you during your stay.

Following the program is highly recommended, but you are free to wander off on your own if that’s what’s calling you. On site yoga, healing sessions and holistic activities will also be going on every day at Holistika. Feel free to work these into your schedule and sign up to anything that you’re feeling drawn to. Holistika program will be available upon arrival.

Arrival Day, August 9th

  • 7pm Welcome Dinner 

  • 9pm Fire Ceremony

Day 1, August 10th

  • 7-9am Breakfast
  • 9:30am Art Walk
  • 10am Open Craft Stations + Watercoloring with Ana
  • 2pm Lunch
  • 4pm Writing Activity: Your passions, your skills, and the overlap.
  • 7pm Dinner

Day 2, August 11th

  • 7-9 am Breakfast
  • 9am to 2pm Explore Tulum! Suggested outings: beach, pyramids, cenote excursion, shopping in town
  • 2pm Lunch
  • 4-7 pm Sacred Plant Soapmaking Workshop + Free studio time
  • 7pm Dinner
  • 8:30pm Tiki Tiki Pool Party

Day 3, August 12th

  • 7-9 am Breakfast
  • 10am Clarity Session followed by Writing Activity
  • 2pm Lunch
  • 4pm Brainstorming Circle
  • 7pm Dinner
  • 8:30pm New Moon Closing Ceremony around the fire

Departure Day, August 13th

  • 7-9 am Breakfast and goodbyes!
  • Check out by noon

Inspiration Sign Up

sign up

Inspiration Sign Up

sign up


What’s included:

So much!

  • Lodging & accommodation

  • All meals: natural and fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets.

  • Craft stations and materials.

  • Natural soap making workshop with sacred plants.

  • Ceremonies

  • Free time in Tulum

  • Connections with others, self and nature

  • Creative clarity meditations 

  • Guided mystical art walk  

  • Group brainstorming for your project

  • Networking with other creatives and staff

Optional Add ons:

  • Wellness activities: yoga, meditation, sound healing, Toltec tai-chi, temazcal, alternative therapies, to name a few.

  • Excursions

  • Private rooms

  • Bike rental

What’s not included:

  • Flight to Cancun

  • Transportation

  • Personal shopping/food/drinks/ outside of the retreat center


All prices are in USD and payments are available through Paypal.

Magic Jungle inspiration



Payment Plans:

Save your spot with $500 and balance out in 2 additional payments:

Payment must be completed before April 23th

Payment must be completed before June 25th

Please fill out this form to complete your registration.

Retreat booking includes shared sleeping arrangements in individual pods in our signature beehives dorms. Private rooms are also available to add on at an additional cost. If you are looking to add on a private room during your stay, please book your private room after you have payed for your retreat experience.

There are two on-site hotels at Holistika, TikiTiki and Holistika hotel. These are both great options if you're looking for complete privacy while still taking advantage of the group dynamic and package. Feel free to book at either one of these.